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Grinding Noise Brakes Slow Speeds

I have been noticed a grinding noise on my front driver’s side brake. It grinds considerably loud while driving at very slow speeds or stopping while going slow speeds. Once I get up over 30 mph, I can’t hear the brakes or wheel grind at all. After going around 50 and making a complete stop they don’t grind either. Is there something in my wheel or brake system causing the terrbile noise when I am traveling at slow speeds and braking at slow speeds? Thanks!


Some vehicles have wear indicators on the brake pads. These can make a screetching, grinding, or scraping noise when traveling at slow speeds. This done to let you know that the brake pads have reached their useful life. At this point, all you can do is have a brake inspection performed to determine what’s causing the noise you hear.


Yes, there is something in your brake system causing this noise. Time to get your brakes checked.

If you tear into the brakes to find out what’s making the noise, you will end up spending as much time and/or money as you will spend to replace the brake pads. So, the only additional expense is the pads themselves, and new rotors if you have scored the old ones. You just might as well do a brake job, and end up with brakes you know are OK.