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Strange Brake Noise

Hi All,

First time here, but long time listener, hoping to get some forum expertise–

So I drive a 98 Honda, 118k miles, and for last month I’ve got a really strange noise coming from my front passenger side wheel. It happens when I apply the brakes, usually at a slow speed, slowing down from something like 30mph to a stop. When slowing down, if I have just a bit of pressure on the brake, the noise seems to go along with the speed of the wheels. It also happens when I accelerate from a stop. I can only describe it as a kind of creaking noise, almost like it is coming from the spring. Sometimes it sounds a little tinny, sometimes not so much. I don’t think its actually in the suspension, because it doesn’t make noise if I go over speed bumps or press down on the fender. Brake pads have a good amount of pad left on them.

My hunch is that it might have something to do with the fact that I hardly ever drive anymore, somewhere around 10-20 miles a week, back and forth to the subway essentially (fair amount of time driving down banked turns in a parking garage if that adds any info). My dad knows a decent amount about cars, but he isn’t sure what is going on, though he thinks it nothing dangerous. Stange wheel noises always make me wary though.

I have looked around online, but could not find anything that sounded like the same issue. Anyone have any idea what it could be?



You might want to have the brakes inspected to see if the brake pads are worn. Some brake pads have wear indicators on them so when the brake pads become worn the wear indicators come in contact with the brake rotors and the brakes make noise.


I’m pretty sure its not the pads, they have a good amount left on them, and car was inspected about 500 miles ago and the shop said the brakes were all fine

bump. anyone else have any thoughts? should I just bring it to a mechanic if its impossible to diagnose online?