We need you're help this movement is to big!

Dear, Readers

We would like for you to be apart of our growing grass root movement.

DCX is changing the world one country, one mind, one city, and one vehicle at a time. Be the change, the government only speaks of.

Help us wake up America.

We are hiring 100,000 people in the next 6 months and over 1 million in the next year.

Join Neal Young, Tom Hanks, Jackson Brown, David Blume, ED Begley Jr., Daryl Hannah, Alex Jones, Captain Paul Watson, and many others.

We’re only as strong as the people we wake up to the lies of the oil industry, and the propaganda of The American Petroleum Institute. We need more help. This movement is to big for us to do alone, and there’s much work to be done!

DCX Conversions International

Lafayette, Colorado 80026

ph/303-362-0372 Rich Crisler CEO USA/Japan/Australia/New Zealand/Africa

cell/541-326-6631 Garrett Hill Co-founder USA division

ph/720-890-0954 Jim shop owner

fax/720-890-1652 Shop fax

DCX Denver is the leader in conversions and renewable energy technology.

We are opening a 1000 gallon Bio Diesel, and Alcohol refinery in Lafayette, Colorado at our new US shop and we have a fuel co-op with all buyers of DCX vehicles living with-in DCX shop areas. With in 2 month we will have a 10,000 gallon tank.

We are inventing and studying many different types of energy saving devices for home and office uses. We are building a designing custom DCX cars as well as a full line of conversions and motorcycles.

We have so much in-store for our customers of DCX Conversions International like starting a new D1 drift seen in the USA called EV Drift. (evdrift.com),(extropedia.org), (evpartsdirect.com), ( these sites are still being built).

We are selling and making EV drift parts so that you can convert you’re car as well. We build SEMA classic cars and hot rods as well as custom one offs.

Detroit is dead, there on the ropes. Grass roots is where the next faze of cars will come from. Don’t get you’re next car done by back yard chop shops. Come to a real shop with a lifetime guaranty on all work and parts DCX builds and repairs in our vehicles. We build cars so beautiful that Detroit looks bad from DCX’s tool box!

Come see the difference real skill makes. Let us build you’re next EV, Bio Diesel, Alcohol car, or personal refinery. We have water conversions and hydrogen assist devises! (Stan Meyer’s and Area51 Customs “current Worlds Fastest Car, it runs on tap water”)!

Call or write for more info.

Thanks for you’re time.

Rich Crisler CEO.

We have working with us Robert Stewart of Area51 Customs and the builder of the current worlds fastest car at 1300hp and running on water.

  1. Locus Pl?thore, 1,300-hp, $412,000.

Surprisingly the supercar with the highest horsepower rating is built in Canada. Perhaps this spectacular creation will help repair the memories of our last Canadian built sportscar the Bricklin SV1.

Dubbed the ?Quebec Bomb?, the Pl?thore is built by HHT Locus Technologies in Quebec. The chassis and body is made entirely out of carbon fibre weighing approximately 1,134 kg. Fitted with the option high horsepower engine the 1,300-hp version has a power to weight ratio of a formula one racing car. The heavily modified 8.2 litre Chevrolet V-8 engine is mated to a Tremec six-speed manual transmission and capable of 328 km/h.

This site offers technical advice FREE OF CHARGE to those who need it. It IS NOT A BILLBOARD FOR PROPAGANDA, or FREE ADVERTISING SPACE!!

I’m surprised you passed by the screening staff who are supposed to keep stuff like yours off the site!

If you want to advertise, buy space somewhere else!

You’re not likely to find people on this board that are stupid enough to fall for any of this bunk.

And being grammatically picky for a moment, the proper use of the word is “your”, not “you’re”.

A few minutes of digging around showed that:

The CO. Secretary of State has no business listing for this outfit.
The BBB also has no listing.
No cross-reference can be matched to the name, the phone number, not can any address be found.
The shop in question is a paint and body shop in Lafayette.
The phone number you show for DCX is also the phone number of the body shop.
The body shop is open 24/7, 365 days a year! Now that’s dedication.

This you? This is where my search wound up. (Nice axes though.)

I had to wave the white flag at the 5.38 mark as I just couldn’t take any more of this carp. Gigs coming a little slow are they?