DCX Conversions Iternational Lafayette Colorado

We would much love you to come and see and be apart of this growing revolution.

DCX is changing the world one mind and one vehicle at a time. Come be the change help us wake up America.

Join Neal Young, Tom Hanks, David Blume, and many others.

We are only as strong as the people we wake up, we need more help, this is to big for us and we have to much work to be done!

DCX Conversions International

Lafayette Colorado

ph/303-362-0372 Rich Crisler CEO

ph/720-890-0954 Jim shop owner

fax/720-890-1652 Shop fax

DCX Denver is the leader in conversion and renewable energy technology. We will be opening a Bio Diesel, and Alcohol refinery in Lafayette, Colorado at our shop and we will have a fuel co-op with all buyers of DCX vehicles.

We will be inventing and studying many different types of energy devices for home and office uses. We will be building a designing a custom DCX line of cars as well as a full line of conversions and motorcycles.

We have so much in-store including starting a hole new D1 drift seen in the USA called EV Drift. (evdrift.com),(extropedia.org), (evpartsdirect.com),

We will be selling and making EV drift parts so that you can convert you’re car as well. We will be building SEMA classic cars and hot rods as well as custom one offs.

Detroit is dead there on the ropes and grass roots is where the next faze of cars will come from. Don’t get fooled into getting you’re next car done by back yard chop shops. Come to a real shop with a lifetime guaranty on all part DCX builds and repairs in our vehicles. We build cars so beautiful that even Detroit would look bad from our tool boxes!

Come see the difference real skill makes. Let us build you’re next EV, Bio Diesel or Alcohol car. We also have water conversions and hydrogen assist devises!

Call or write for more info.

Thanks for you’re time.

Rich Crisler CEO.

When a company presents information regarding its products, it is important to have that information prepared by someone who has excellent literacy skills.

Currently, the spelling, syntax, and punctuation in your product information all need a lot of work, IMHO, and the mistakes are just too numerous to list here. My favorite, however, is:

“We have so much in-store including starting a hole new D1 drift seen in the USA called EV Drift.”

I hope that the D1 drift does not fall into that hole.


I strongly suggest that you hire a communications expert to present your information to the public. Good luck with your marketing.

Intellectual pricks like you always piss me off for this very rezone!

In you’re hole bad mouthing of my spelling and syntax never once do you even talk about my company or ask anything about it. Thanks but you’re opinion of me, my company and my spelling is no concern of mine or my company’s!

Thank you for confirming my initial observations.

Drifting (on pavement) is not proper race driving. Schumacher never had to drift his Ferrari around Monaco. I could never get into the whole drifting thing. Whoever slides around the best at low speeds wins? Where’s the sense of danger? Futhermore who wants to wait a couple hours between runs? Run two or three torrid laps then plug it in and wait a few hours. No thanks.

First off I can see you no nothing about Drifting. Second our cars do not need a charger or batteries. We are faster then any of the current drifters because we have 100% power from 0mph. Oh and by the way a real drifter dose so at speeds exceeding 110mph not low speeds. If you think you can drive a course at 100mph and stay with in 6 inches of the car in front weather they slid left or right speed up or slow that has to stay the same and if you can pass them you win. If you sat in a car with a real drifter on Japan’s Rocko Mountain road after 1/2 mile you would shit you’re pants! It’s a culture, a life style, not a bunch of kids spinning there tires like here in the USA. Also it’s the biggest growing motor sport in the world and has been for over 5 years!

You’re welcome!

I see once again we have nothing to say about my company only me. Tells me and the readers here every thing we need to know about you.
You see a real man would not look here and say the things you have said. They might say them in passing after asking some things about my company.
No not you you’re to smart for that! Aren’t ya!

Well, VDCdriver, now you know the rezone richcrisler is upset with you. I thought it was nice of him to explain it. At least he spelled “intellectual” correctly.

I counted five “we will be’s,” so they have to be serious about their intentions. They also offer water conversions and hydrogen assist devises, so they must be totally legit, because you know how those hydrogen assist devises (it hurts to type it) improve gas mileage and horsepower. And WATER conversions? C’mon, that’s cutting edge technology.

You can be a doubter if you want, but I’m placing my order for one of those red, computer generated supercars. I want the water burning engine with hydrogen assist. This is going to be so cool! Imagine; driving a beautiful sports car with no fuel costs. Just put water in the tank. I can hardly wait.

Rich, I agree with the things you’ve said about drifting. It’s not a low-speed event, and it’s not something to be taken lightly. Drifting may soon become HUGE in the US. We’ll see. Right now it’s a niche sport, and most people have no idea what it’s all about.

If you want to have a successful business you’re going to have to learn to advertise correctly. You’re copy looks like it came from China or Japan, without translation, or maybe you just don’t understand English grammar. Hey, it happens. Please don’t take this as offense. I’m trying to help you. If you have a legitimate business you need to make yourself and your business look professional, and misspelling, telling people to piss off, etc (even if it feels good), is not professional.

Chill out. Let people take their shots at you. If you can’t take it, get out now, because business is brutal, and you will have to endure some criticism in order to survive.

What you’ve done up to now, at least on this site, is self-destructive. I don’t care what you say, but others might, and there is a moderator. If you get flagged you’re going to be out of here. I respect your right to say anything you want, but it’s not my website. A gentler approach may be in order.

Now, instead of telling us what you’re company will do in the future, please tell us what you’ve done up to now.

Thank you for you’re sarcasum but you hit on a good point about all I have said, we have men with great minds here on staff and they will be doing most of this research. I am only a master fabricator and builder I’m not a Intellectual man!
You see we have (ALL) of Stan Meyer’s blue prints, police reports, and we also have the Dune Buggy! It still runs to this day on nothing but tap water! We have his blue prints and have made a Hydrogen fuel assist device no bigger then a coke can that will improve fuel economy by 22%. We will soon be more then a pointless page in an internet site! We will be making a press release in this next month and we are building and giving a Bio Diesel 1981 Benz to Daryl Hannah.
Some people that are coming to our shop or have already came are Neal Young, Jackson Brown, David Blume, ED Begley jr, Daryl Hannah, Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Captian Paul Watson of the Sea Shepard.

What we are doing is what I said we will be doing. I have been the CEO of my own company for over 8 1/2 years in Japan and 14 in the USA going back as fare as 1989. I know every thing I need to know about this business and the pot shots I will take. This site is not a worry to me, I am on over 20 sites right now!

Sorry guy…take what VDCDriver says as instructive new business criticism. He’s absolutely right and new businesses should hire grammar experts to proof read their copy. You really don’t understand how many people equate proper language usage with general organizational skills. Everyone makes mistakes; make the effort to make as few as possible and correct those you can; in grammar or business.
Yours truly,
Another Prick…

By the way…we’re correcting each other all the time here and most here seem to take it in stride and bounce back for more…that’s not you ?

No it’s not because I never finished high school and I have a GED and went to college. I have always had this stuff told to me and am sick and tired of this kind of discrimination.

Some of the smartest men to ever live that made many inventions that we still use today we’re illiterate!

He has the blue prints. He has the dune buggy.


I know about drifting all too well. A former coworker of mine is obsessed with it. He has a 240SX with a turbo SR20 swapped in. It’s a quick car but a little embarrassing to be seen in if you’re over the age of 20. Anyway, another former coworker who belongs to a car club that likes to rent out tracks a few times a year invited us both to VIR to try our hands at driving on the “Grand Course” (A rarity since most clubs only rent the Patriot Course). Since neither of us had driven the full course before we took a ride as passengers in BMW driven by one of the track’s instructors, he was talking about the optimum braking points, corner entry speeds,etc. basically very useful information. Of course Wonderdrifter didn’t think any of that would pertain to him since he planned on drifting the whole thing (the full course is nearly 4 miles in length mind you.). An hour later we are ready to hit the track. There were about 15-20 cars on the track at any given time. Despite his car being light, relatively powerful, and theoretically possessing excellent handling qualities. Hall (Co-worker #1/240SX owner) was significantly slower than those people in lesser cars, people in N/A Miatas were turning in quicker times. Turns out that drifting is not an effective way to get around a proper racetrack in a timely manner. After being mocked for his unimpressive times, Mike (co-worker#2) asked to drive the 240SX around the track for a few minutes. Despite not having any previous seat time in the car, on his first full lap, Mike knocks seven seconds off Hall’s best time. How did he manage this? Aside from being an excellent driver. Mike knows that if you’re going for speed and the best possible time, drifting around every corner is folly.

As for the low speed argument, compared to most other forms of motorsport, drifting does take place at lower speeds. On the last D1 event I saw on TV, peak speeds were 80-95 MPH. 110 MPH is nothing, at VIR on the full course, many bone stock cars (Mustangs, 350Zs, S2000s, etc.) will see 130 MPH. With faster cars (Vettes, Vipers, Cobra Mustangs) speeds of 150+ are not uncommon.

That’s when illiteracy was commonplace in the them “modern” world. Try getting an illiterate through the “front door” of the patent office today.
This is called communication discrimination…and we all have to deal with it in one form or another.
Heck…I hate to shop at places that say “15 ITEMS OR LESS” in the fast lane when it should be “15 items or fewer”. That would make no difference to an illiterate, but there’s a segment of the population whose sales you can loose and they have lots of influence of others. That’s our point here.

Rich, did you read the terms of service for this site and this forum? This isn’t a place for you to peddle your wares.

Besides, you lost me with “hydrogen assist devises.” Really, can’t you find an honest way to make a living?

I can’t believe you are a CEO who can’t write literately. “Detroit is dead there on the ropes and grass roots is where the next faze of cars will come from.” This one sentence has simple subject-verb agreement errors…and PHASE is not spelled with an “F” or a “Z.”

Just what qualifications do you have to be a CEO? Why would anyone buy products and services from a company run by a CEO who doesn’t know the difference between “hole” and “whole?” You crack me up. You even confuse “reason” with “rezone!”

If you ever took a management class, you would know that the CEO is the public face of the company. The public should be able to assume you are at least literate. If you can’t control your temper and put your best foot forward, you should make room for someone who can, for the sake of the company.

Whitey…you’re beginning to scare me. You sound like my wife with her master’s degree in English grammar.