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Rain water leak on driver floorboard Honda CRV

I am a female owner of a 2000 Honda C-RV EX (no sunroof) whose driver floorboard collects an inch of water when it rains really hard. Both times it has happened, the car was closed up tightly, not running, parked on a flat/level surface. My mechanic, whom I trust, has already done the water hose test and inspection, with no luck. Honda has no recall on this problem.My next step will be to leave it with the mechanic while I am gone on vacation so he can tear it apart to MAYBE try and find the leak.

Has anyone encountered this problem, so I can give my mechanic a starting point, and perhaps save time in the search??? Please reply to my email Thank you!

Sometimes plugged fresh air vents (directly below the windshield) can cause water to redirect itself from the drains and seep through the firewall. Numerous locations (where electrical wires are routed through, etc) allow this to happen.