Air condition drain blockage

How does one unclog the air conditioning drain on a 2003 Toyota Camery? I have water on the passenger side floor near the rear passanger seat. This is the only source I can think of that may cause the leak. It is not near the front seat (Which could dicate the Heater core).

Any thoughts?


Curious. Either a clogged A/C drain or a heater core problem would leak from exactly the same place – under the dash. You’d have a drip on your front passenger’s feet.

You need to examine the seals around the rear windshield. Also inspect the trunk, especially the tire well, for wetness.

How have you determined that it is not a leaking sunroof, windscreen, fresh air inlet or heater core? Any of those and a few others can end up putting water or water like fluids on the passenger side floor.

The reason I know it is not leaking from the windscreen, sunroof, fresh air inlet, it was not raining when I noticed the puddle.

Also, I do not think it is the heater core because there is no smell or taste to the fluid on the floor.