Toyota Camry Passenger Side Carpet Soaked


I’ve got a 2003 Toyota Camry LE, and about a month ago, I noticed a wet patch on the rear passenger floor mat. It has been slowly getting worse, despite tons of paper towels used to dry it. Today, after a long 800 mile weekend road-trip, the front passenger side was soaked as well, and the windows were steamed over. The water has no smell, so I don’t think it is the heater core. A/C condensate drain, perhaps? Does anyone know where to find the drain line/plug?


well I guess it could be the AC evaporater pan or the heater core but usually the front will flood before the back. It’s more likely a bad door seal or, if you have one, a plugged sunroof drain tube.

Mr. fax may be correct, but I have to ask; Has it been raining or have you been driving on wet roads?  You may want to check the trunk floor.


No rain , no puddles, not even a carwash (And it shows!). The only water that hit this car was what I used from the windshield mister to clean the glass, and that was filled with a strong citrus-scented cleaner to see if this might have been the cause.

If it were the heater core, wouldn’t the werness smell like radiator fluid? The car isn’t using any, and I’m taking literally a pound or two of water out when I swap the rolls of soggy paper towels. Yet the wter seems clear. I emptied the trunk, past the spare tire, and flipped down the rear seats. All are totally dry.

There is a rear seat A/C vent - I wonder if it could have it’s own drain? That might explain why the wetness started in the back.