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Does this work or is it too good to be true?


We have had many of these posts. It’s a scam. However, I have a better idea. Bottled water costs more than gasoline. I am working on a process to detoxify gasoline and then go on a new campaign:


This makes as much sense as water for gas.

The ad is full of false statements and outright lies. How could you possibly give it any thought whatsoever?! Shape up there!

If you think that this pseudo-science has any truth connected with it, please let me know. You see, I own a bridge connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan, and I will be glad to sell it to you very cheaply. Then, you can set up your own tollbooths, and really make money.

Yes, I own it. Honestly! Really! No kidding! In fact, I can give you testimonials from the last 12 people to whom I sold the bridge. Certainly these testimonials should convince you!


My point is that my statement about the bridge is no more ridiculous than the junk science spouted by the charlatan who owns that website. Believe it at your own risk.

run your car’s tank dry of gas, then grab a garden hose from your house and then pour the water from the hose into your car

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