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Water for Gas?

I asked my husband to check out the “Water4Gas,” web page. He told me if you can burn water for gas, everyone will be doing it in a week anyway. He is skeptical. Has someone else checked this out? Tell me it works so I can get my husband motivated to install this device.

Oh God, not again.

Vickie–This has been rehashed an incredible number of times each week for the past year, at least. The easiest way to find the earlier threads on this topic is to go to the “Search” button at the top of this page, and type in the word SCAM. Since almost all of the responses to the unending posts on this topic contain the word “scam”, you should be able to find several threads on this same topic.

The mention of the word SCAM should give you a clue before you even begin your search, but I do suggest that you read the myriad of posts on this topic in order to disabuse yourself of this idea.

It works by transferring money out of your bank account and into the seller’s.

It is a scam. We’ve had lengthy threads on this.

Every sensible person knows that ‘if you can burn water for gas, everyone will be doing it in a week.’ Those suckers who tried it had to find out the hard way. Bye bye lunch money.

Bad idea. Your money will go a lot farther just buying gasoline. Keep your tires at the proper pressure (see the plate on the driver’s door sill) and your air filter clean. And make an effort to drive at the speed limit. It’s amazing how far gas goes when you keep the speed down. I get better than EPA highway mileage during rush hour when I abide by the speed limit.

Thanks for the information–I guess. I tried searching for “water,” and “fuel types,” but I didn’t think to try “Scam.”

Your husband is a smart man.

Since I can’t curse, or apparently even substitute non-curse words for curse words, I can’t state what I really think. But let’s just say this is one heck of a scam (can I say heck?)

I’m sure you can think without cursing. You do an admirable job almost all the time.

An admirable job of what - thinking or not cursing?

Both actually. Your good thoughts are conveyed better without the clutter. You have many valuable and insightful posts.