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Water when I turn right for me and turn left for my passenger

My Oldest step son told that there was water pouring out from somewhere in the car and there was a puddle under the gas peddle. I hadn’t used my '03 Jeep liberty in a while because everyone else in my family was driving it. Then my wife tells me that water poured on her foot while she was driving. Her main concern was someone wearing expensive sneakers would be in peril ruination. I shrugged. I saw some fogging on the windshield this morning and took care of it with the defoggger. No prob since, until I took a long right turn on a highway and my right foot on the accelerator pedal got a dousing. Hmmm…what now? So, determined to economically solve this I took the car home proceeded to investigate the areas of wetness. It seems like the water is coming from vents extending from the Lower HAVC case assembly. I read another question about a Ford Taurus having a water sloshing sound and in order to clear it the AC drain needed to be cleared. Even though I hear no water noise could this be a similar problem? And where is the AC drain on a '03 Jeep Liberty 3.7L 4WD? Thanks,


The drain is usually located on the firewall, low on the passenger side. You will probably have to get under the vehicle to locate it.

DO NOT crawl under a vehicle supported only by a jack. Use ramps or jack stands to hold the vehicle if you have to raise it.