AC Drain in Nissan Sentra SR 2014

My car have water on the passenger floor for sometime. All the while I was
mistaken the slush sound of water for a mineral water bottle got stuck under
the front passenger seat,

Brought my car to get the AC drain checked out but my mechanic seems not
be able to find the AC drain (tube?) below the car.

Tried researching the internet, was not lucky either. Can anyone point to
where is exactly this tube is under the car?

I am not exactly bright when comes to car. Learning things slowly.

I do not know the specific location of your drain. Usually the drain is located on the passenger side firewall. Sometimes accessible from the topside of the engine compartment.

You might want to do a search for a Nissan Sentra forum and post your question there.

Dealer is your solution or a real AC shop.

First, find it coming down from the evaporator housing under the dash.
See where it goes through the floor or firewall.
Then you’ll know where to look under the car.