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Water stains on car paint and windows

I made a huge mistake: For a long time I parked my black 2001 Honda Civic outside where it got spayed by lawn sprinklers. I also neglected to wash it frequently. Now it is completely covered with incredibly stubborn water stains. I tried washing, scrubbing, rubbing compound and lots and lots of vinegar and made hardly any progress. It’s driving me nuts! Any other suggestions short of having it repainted? Thanks!

Usually a clay bar would do the trick (with a lot of elbow grease), but rubbing compound is actually more abrasive, so I don’t know what to say if that didn’t work. Maybe you should see what a good body shop would recommend here.

If the claybar doesn’t work…then try a polishing compound…

To prevent this…try waxing it every now and then.

are they stains, or is the paint burned? Water droplets can focus the sunlight like a magnifying glass and cause it to burn the paint over time.

Since the water stains are on the glass as well as the finish they’re probably etched in.

A good body shop followed by a good wax job may be in order here, although the glass is probably permanently spotted. A detailing shop might be another option. Stop by and see what they say.

Trying to buff his out yourself may not be advisable. Generally a novice with a buffer results in swirls.