Removing hard water stains from car door


I lent my car to a friend and it sat in the driveway and got hit by her sprinklers daily for 2 weeks. Now I cannot get the hard water spots off the car paint. I tried Turtle wax restorative car polish and it didn’t work. Any suggestions


I’m assuming you tried washing it with a decent car wash and a brush or mitt?


Oh, maybe try vinegar mixed with water. Check on a hidden place first, I’m not sure if vinegar will damage the paint. Probably not, but just be sure.


The marks from hard water yield easily to acidic solutions. ?Scrubbing with vinegar is the usual method. Vinegar will not damage the paint.


Thanks so much… I was thinking of trying that. Same goes for the windows??


Thank you. others suggested same. I will give it a try right now. Appreciate the help




Yes, same for the windows.