Getting Out TOUGH Water (?) Deposits on Car Finish?

We got something spattered all over our Jeep Patriot. It looks like it was rained on. It’s too thick and hard to remove to be just water but we don’t know what it is. We think maybe bug spray from a passing city truck or maybe pavement sealer from a construction zone.

Using a LOT of elbow grease and after 2 go-overs I’ve managed to remove most of the drops from the windows using a 2 pts water 1 pt CLR solution but obviously I don’t want to use that on the paint job.

Keeping in mind the amount of scrubbing I had to do to get the stuff off of the windows, what’s a good product to use to get it off of the body? And if I use a kitchen sponge with a scrub surface on one side will it scratch the paint? I mean, this stuff is REALLY hard to get off! I don’t think that just towels or a shammy will help.

Any help would be much appreciated.

The first thing I’d try is a clay bar.

Definitely clay bar. If you’re not familiar with it, clay bar was invented for use in automobile assembly plants to remove paint overspray. And it works! It’s used with a lubricating spray to keep the clay from sticking to the paint. Make your own lube by mixing a mild solution of your favorite car wash shampoo. Then just mist the surface before claying, and keep the work area good and wet with the lube spray. Follow up by polishing the car; if you have access to a random orbital buffer, that works best, but hand polishing will work too. Then a coat of wax or sealant for protection. Do not use a nylon pot scrubber; it will leave terrible scratches in the finish.