Water spots on windshield

How does one get rid of water spots on the windshield?

They were created after going to a car wash.

I’ve tried alcohol, viniger, windex etc - no luck - spots still there.

thanks !

First I would suggest some distilled water. Next I would go to the YELLOW can BonAmy cleanser. The GOLD can stuff can damage the glass and paint. You may also want to try a clay stick available at the auto parts store.

I had the same problem as you a couple of years ago. Tried some of the same products you mention…no luck. As time goes on you will probably find that the water spots will start to go away on their own. However, I eventually had a detailer remove them from my car. I believe he used a clay bar but cannot be certain. If you don’t mind paying for a detail, this is probably your best bet.

Pure ammonia will remove most of these spots. Wear rubber gloves and apply the ammonia with an old towel. Use the ammonia full strength and make sure you are outdoors because the smell is powerful.

Try a razor blade.

had the same problem if i don’t wipe windows after a wash! the best solution i stumbled on is warm soapy car wash solution and scotch Brite No Scratch sponge. just soak the sponge and lightly wipe the glass in a circular motion. you don’t need a lot of pressure, just let the scotch bright do the work. and if you want to prevent additional water spots, i recommend treating the windows with Rain-x.

Another solution is to polish out the spots with some toothpaste. The abrasives in toothpaste are very mild, and will not scratch the glass.

Additionally, the fluoride will prevent any future decay!