Water spots


how in the hell can i get rid of water spots on my new fresh paint??? please help!!


Try buffing with a mild cleaner/wax.


ive tried doing that many times but still no goal!!! ive been using meguiars cleaner wax and gold class paste wax and i can still see the damn things!!! thanx for the help!!


It may be etched. That happened to my son’s car. Polishing compound may be your only option.


After washing my car, I use the Mr. Clean AutoDry kit. It filters the incoming water to remove minerals and other nasty bits, and it makes the water come out as a fine mist. It removes and prevents water spots, and well as decreasing the drying time - I’ve found on a warm, dry day, my car will be dry within half an hour. And water spot free.


A clay bar may work.

If your water is that hard, you’ll probably need to make sure you keep a good wax job (not the once-a-year-type polishes) on the car at all times.