'07 Tacoma leaks when it rains

My 2007 Toyota Tacoma leaks water onto the driver’s side floor board when it rains. The water seems to appear from nowhere. In fact, the last time it rained I saw no water until I removed the floor mat because of the recall. I have taken the truck to Toyota several times and they cannot find the source of the leak. The leaking has been occurring for more than a year. Each time it leaks the car smells horrid like mildew and funk. I am curious if anyone has had a similar issue. And I am curious if Toyota is responsible for cleaning the carpets and anything that may have mildew or mold inside the truck (the truck is under full warranty and has been serviced only at Toyota).

I hope you have been documenting all the attempted repairs. I don’t know if this comes under the lemon law, but it’s worth checking out.

I would think at this point the carpets and padding should be replaced. All that mold and water is not good for you or the electrical connections under the carpet. If it’s under warranty, Toyota should make it right.

I had a leak in a 2000 Blazer. I found the leak by running water into the windshield cowling while shining a flashlight under the dash at the firewall. The light reflects of any water coming in. The leak was due to a split in the seam between the inner fender and the firewall.

The part about removing the interior and carpet I learned after my first attempt off roading ended badly. I was surprised now much wiring and connectors were under the carpet. Removing the seats and the carpet was the only way to clean up properly.

Perhap a letter or call to Toyota corporate might be in order since the dealer is dropping the ball.

Good luck,

Ed B.