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Water leak

i have a 2003 honda civic i think it leaks water on the driver floor .i cant figure it out yet sometimes its damp sometimes its not .could be my shoes not sure.does 2003 civics have a rep for leaks on the drivers side floor near the door

A couple of questions:

Does the water have a sweet smell?

Do you have a sun/moon roof?

hi thank you for your reply no sweet smell dont think its the radiator… and no sunroof its a dx no a/c either

Well, there went my two guesses. Do you live in the northern (snowy) states?

yes pennsylvania

YES PENNSYLVANIA you dont think its coming rom the firewall or door or windshield AND THANK YOU

I live in NE Ohio. Even with my best efforts I still tend to get some snow into my truck. Since it is not carpeted rubber floors I flick out the ice when after it melts and freezes. It might just be snow. It is not warming up so you will probably not have this problem so much.

The other possibility would be having a drain plugged somewhere, possible in the fire wall. Do you hear any sloshing in that area?

HI THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your reply no i dont here no sloshing… i guess i just have to wait some more or bite the bullet and pay 50.00(one dealer told me to see this one person)clos eto my house …but ya know what makes me mad i get talked into getting honda care extended warrenty and the dealer(i bought the car from)greensburg pa wants to charge me 98 a hour and says the warrenty dont cover leaks