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Water standing on driver side floor

what is causing water to leak in my car only on the drivers floor and the floor behind the drivers seat?

Leaking windshield seal? Clogged HVAC drain tube? Clogged door drains? Leaking door seals? Missing or torn rain shields inside doors? Clogged sunroof drain tubes? Leakning rear window seal? Leaking trunk seal?

There are lots of possible entry points for water.

What year Accord? Was the car ever in a crash?

It is a 2000 and no it has not been wrecked. Thanks for the info.

This Is A Long Shot (288 Yards, Slight Dog-Leg).

I don’t know where water is taken by gravity on your particular car’s floor. Sometimes the leak is in a remote location.

One Honda Technical Service Bulletin includes 98 - 02 Accords in a problem involving deformed windshield moldings.

The TSB doesn’t say anything about leaks, but does outline using silicone sealant as a fix for the molding’s poor fit against the body.

Basically, technicians are supposed to pull up the outer edge of the rubber molding and check to see if the inner lip is folded over anywhere, cut off the bad portion of inner lip and fill it in with sealer.

If you find a defect in the molding, I’d try and get a copy of the TSB for guidance. Don’t follow my brief directions.


I was hoping it was something simple but I know now that it could be many things. Best take it to Honda dealer. Thanks for giving me some of the possible problems.You hit the green now I have to make the putt.