Leak in 2002 Honda Civic

Took the car to a Honda repair shop and they couldn’t find the leak. WWYD? Replace the windshield in case that’s it, take it to a body shop?

Wanted to add that the water is ending up on the floor on the driver’s side.

WWID? If I was looking for advice by internet I’d be a little more descriptive.

We’ll have to presume that you are getting water into the interior of your car. Are you sure its water? Any smell to it? I.e. is there some chance that it is anti-freeze/coolant? Under what conditions do you end up with the water? It is always there? Only when it rains? Can you ever hear anything sloshing around up under the dash?

Yes, it’s water, and if it wasn’t getting into the car it wouldn’t be an issue. Leak occurs when it’s raining.

If it is only when raining and your regular shop couldn’t find it then, yes, I would suggest a body shop. Leaks can be very hard to locate and body shop folks will generally know every seam, nook and cranny.

Thanks cigroller.

Do you have a sun roof or moon roof? Before spending more money, there is a rain duct at the corner of your windshield that goes to the ground just behind the inner fender well. If the bottom of this duct gets filled with mud or leaves (mud daubers nest), it will back up and leak into the car.

You can sometimes see the duct by opening your hood and look along the rubber weatherstripping for the hole that the water is supposed to drain down. You can pour some water onto the cowling between the rubber and the windshield and see if it comes out onto the ground behind the fender and just in front of the door. If it doesn’t, or drips very slowly, then this will need to be cleaned out.

If you see a lot of leave built up in this corner, you will need to remove them first, but that might just fix the problem too so it will pass the water test but you won’t know that is has been fixed until the next rain.

Keith no sun or moon roof. I will check the rain duct in the corner of the windshield.

It looks like the trunk is leaking too. Ugh!

There is a rubber weatherstrip around the trunk opening. Leaves and dirt can build up around the outside of this and cause water to get into the trunk. Easy to clean. Sometimes the taillights can leak as well.

Do you park under trees?

Not directly under but there are a lot of trees around our house. I will check the weather stripping around the trunk too.