Honda Civics Water soaked carpet?

So I have no clue where and how this leak started. My 2003 Honda Civic Ex has 133000 miles well earned. This leak has to be stopped. The carpet has been ripped out to dry, but I will probably replace it anyways. Some Ideas have already been given to me. First one, my car does have a system in it(meaning sub and amp cords running through firewall), so water could possibly pass through that hole. Second is checking the windows, door seals and if any welds or cracks have not been filled by the auto body shop. This would be from the one known accident from previous owner. Damage was done to the rear left drivers side panels, behind the door. The problem was looked over but nothing was found. Third would be to check, again the windows and doors rubber insulation strips. Also the fourth and most interesting idea, was that the vents or drains that are responsible for the water that flows down the front window and into those vents, I obviously have no real idea of what these things are called, might be clogged, as well as the channels that the vents are connected too. HELP and INFO is much appreciated.

Does this leak affect the whole cabin or just the passenger side front foot well? If the latter, its the AC evaporator drain.

There is more rust spots on the passenger side of the vehicle but the whole cabin had a decent amount of water, I will be doing an AC test by running the AC for a half an hour to an hour and seeing if it needs to be cleaned. There is a musty smell coming from AC. I did recently replace the cabin pollen/dust collector and the engine filter, they both were totally clogged, the cabin filter did tiny leaves and other small debris