Water leak in Corolla 95


After each rain I find water on the driver side floor. What causes the leak? How’s expensive is to fix it?


Does your car have a sun roof? Could be clogged drain.


no sun roof.


Most likely the seal aound the door. You can replace it yourself, but you need to make sure this is the problem. There are other places for a leak. Use a hose and have someone in the car while you spray all areas.


On the driver’s side and no sun roof you can look for a windscreen leak or door seal issue or blocked drains in the bottom of the door.


Inspected doors. All seals are perfect. Probably some drains are blocked. How can I clean them?


“All seals are perfect” On a '95 vehicle? Amazing.

Don’t fool yourself. Water will go where moving air can.
At night, close the door tight and have a helper (inside) run a lit flashlight around the door where it “fits tight”.

Vent drains can be cleared with a section of heavy gauge Weed Wacker line.

The bottom door drain holes can be cleared with a small screwdriver or mechanics wire.