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Water is leaking from under the right side of the dash to the front passenger

Dear Friends and All,

I need the help from better car experts.

I got a strange problem with our 1996 Honda Accord LX V4. Our car developed some continuous scratching noise right side under the hood during the left turns while driving on the road. Shortly thereafter, I found that the water (I assume it was the water - no smell, no color) is leaking from under the right side of the dash to the front passenger floor. After a half-an-hour ride the water was all over the rug.

My questions are:

- What is that problem? Did anybody have anything similar?

- Is it safe to have AC on in these conditions?

Thanks a lot in advance, and sorry for the long post.


The condensate drain tube for AC evaporator is plugged and isn’t allowing the water to drain. The drain is usually a rubber tube pointing down from the outside firewall. You can try cleaning it with compressed air, or a length platic string from a grass string trimmer.


You need to have the A/C drain cleaned out.
This can be done with compressed air or with a thin, flexible piece of thin plastic line, such as “Weed Wacker” line.

Dear Tester,

Thanks for your reply very shortly. how much cost I need to repair this problem (Is it minor problem)? Please suggest me some good A/c repair shop in Pittsburgh. Because I am new to this state since august 2009.

Once again Thank you to all,


"how much cost I need to repair this problem "

It may be free. This is something that can be a DIY or it should be cheap at any shop. It need not be a A/C shop. I would avoid those quick oil change places as who knows what they might break trying to fix it. You dealer can do it, but they will charge a bit more.

Truthfully, I would be surprised if the typical employee at Quicky Lube could even locate the A/C condensate drain!