Help! Air conditioner leaking into passenger compartment


1996 Honda Accord 4 cyl

114K miles

Driving on the highway yesterday and today for about 90 minutes with AC on, and suddenly water starts pouring out onto the passenger side floormat (I’d say about 1/4 cup of water).

Then later, when I was on an exit ramp turning sharply to the right, water suddenly poured onto the DRIVER side floormat (much more water that time).

I just had the AC charged about a month ago–not sure if the 2 are related.

any help is much appreciated! Hard to fix, $$$ to fix, etc…


It sounds like the condensate drain hose is clogged. Once it is up on a lift, this can be cleared in a few seconds with a wire coat hanger and/or compressed air. This should be very cheap to remedy.


Nearly always this is a blocked condensation drain. Some string trimmer line used on the drain (usually a small black rubber tube coming out under the car right in front of where the passenger puts their feet.


I agree it’s a clogged drain line, but do not use a wire or anything else that can damage the evaporator, try using “weed wacker” line or something similar.