Water For Gas Hydrogen Generator - Brown's Gas

Has anyone had experience with the products on the market that convert water to hydrogen to fuel your car? The theory is to generate hydrogen from water using electricity from the battery to create hydrogen. The components consist of a water tank with a stainless steel coil (electrode) to disassociate the atoms in water. The end result is HHO and is called browns gas. The process involves piping the gas into the intake to burn, thus reducing the volume of gasoline. The companies that sell the “plans” for creating the system claim a 40%+ increase in fuel economy.

Is this viable or a hoax. I haven’t been able to find any negitive information on the system but it seems too good to be true.

Has anyone seen it in action?

www.water4gas.com or www.runyourcarwithwater.com

The spamming and scamming ain’t going to work here.

Someone just shoot me…

I ran an inquiry regarding Brown’s gas a week or two ago, one significant difference though was that I did not refer to a specific web site. By lising a particular web site , people reading your question assume righly or perhaps wrongly that you are a shill for that web site. That is actually against the rules of the site which restricts the practice of self promotion.

That aside, I am intrigued by this alleged concept. I don’t have the mechanical expertise to want to try building or installing one of these systems myself and while intrigued I’m also hesitant to shell out $100 for a manual or a few hundred for a kit without some credible and enthusiastic feedback.

I felt alot more handy with my first car. With my first car I changed gas filters, air filters, flat tires and fan belts. With my '98 Camry I would change the tire . The assembly for the air filter doesn’t seem to coincide with the Chilton manual. How can they design a car so just changing the air filter is daunting ?

Getting back to Brown’s Gas, one site claimed that there were a whole group of motor guys with Brown’s gas systems hooked up who meet somewhere in the Silicon valley area. Can anyone validate that? I would not be able to go out there every weekend being that I’m 3000 miles away on Long Island but I may travel out the West Coast any way and if I had a specific location it would help.


If there was even one iota of truth to this then every single thing made with an internal combustion engine would have been equipped with it long ago as mandated by the Feds.

That aside, I am intrigued by this alleged concept.

The concept requires braking a basic law of physics.  It can not work.  Separating the atoms will take the exact same amount of energy as will be returned when they re-combine, less efficiency losses.  In other words it will result in reduced mileage not an increase.  So far no one has created that perpetual motion machine, although there have been a lot of claims over the years. 

In these cases it is simple SCAMS.

Here is the link to 058mph’s earlier question on this forum: http://community.cartalk.com/posts/list/1138210.page. It is useful to those who want to know why Brown’s gas is so named, and its applicability to automobiles.

There may indeed by a geek club somewhere that plays with HHO systems, just as there are numerous motorhead clubs that like to rice up their cars. Gadgetry can be fun even if all items are useless and have no functionality whatsoever.

So to all innocent, naive readers who wander into this thread, let me summarize. All those hydrogen generator devices make cool science projects for kids, but they will do nothing for your car. Instructions are free all over the internet. Any site that charges for the information, or suggests you will get better fuel economy with their devices, are just running scams – and very profitable ones at that!

No! Didn’t you know that there is a massive conspiracy to keep this technology off of the market? Only a few enlightened individuals sending out spam e-mails are smart enough to figure out this technology and to try to foil that conspiracy.


And speaking of foil, the people who believe in this nonsense are also wearing aluminum foil hats.

“aluminum foil hats”

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No! Didn’t you know that there is a massive conspiracy to keep this technology off of the market?

High gas prices come up a lot in conversation these days, especially at work. As an engineer, I run into people with all sorts of educational backgrounds, but in almost every conversation, someone brings this up!

I’m sick of hearing how we’d supposedly have 200 mpg cars or be running our cars on water if only the oil companies hadn’t bought up those genius’ patents. After getting blank stares or even outright disbelief when I try to explain that there is no such technology (or at least not in a cost-effective or energy-efficient way), I now just make a noncommital sound and try to leave as quickly as possible.

Is the place that the internal combustion engine occupies in our society the result of a conspiracy? Besides the energy lost due to heat generation I think their place in society is one of natural selection,no conspiracy. Your thoughts will be appreciated

You guys are getting paranoid…

It’s a scam. We’re getting the question so often that many suspect spamming. I’m still willing to give posters the benefit of the doubt.