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Water fuel

have you heard anything about the instruction manuals being offered at 49.95 to convert your car to hydrogen? The web site is Is this for real? Why are we not hearing more about it? Please check it out and comment. Thanks, Royce

Please take your Spam and leave.

If you’re a shill, go away. Judging by your message, you are. So ???.

If you’re not a shill, then this is a scam, and avoid it.

Agreed with NYBo; it’s spam and you’re scamming. It won’t work here.

I’ve heard that people have had good results running their car on chardonay.

All the little SPAMMERS are doing their best to get everyone to hear about it. Sorry by everyone here already has heard about it and will not fall for the SCAM.

You are really late, we are getting several every day and have been for weeks.

Here you go.

Hey, rlflick, you’d be a fool to not buy the book/program/CD/complete system or whatever. As soon as you’ve tried it out, please be sure to report back to us what your results were–especially whether or not it was worth your money to “invest” in this very unique system. Please also include make, year, model, engine, etc., of the vehicle that you installed this FANTASTIC system in! Remember that you will probably have to use distilled water.

I’ve heard that people have had good results running their car on chardonay.

I hear that leads to excessive engine wine.

you will probably have to use distilled water.

No, no, no! Deionized water! I’m still waiting for the one that requires organic water. :slight_smile:

Speaking of water–I think that the OP should stick his head in a bucket of water twice, and take it out once. That will certainly resolve our problems, and it just might resolve his problems also.

Guys, guys, guys…

I’ve been running my car with water for years and with great success. It’s in the radiator. Isn’t that what he meant?

you are one pain in th a234.

HELLO FLAG. times 50


we will miss you for two days

Hey guys! Please don’t kill the messenger. It is a serious question. Check out the web site I’m not a mental giant, nor a mechanical genius, but I am on the level about this.

Sorry…we’re far to intelligent to fall for such crap. Oh it’s definite you’re not a mechanical genius. In fact it’s quite obvious that you never went to high school. But good luck with your career being a shill for this company.

It is a serious question.
Not unless they’ve recently repealed the laws of physics, it isn’t. So, why don’t you risk YOUR $49.95, or does the company give them to you for free for spamming message boards?

(If you come back and become a legitimate member of this forum, I’ll take it all back and give you my humblest apologies.)

Royce, please understand that we’ve had continuous posts about this sincethey began their aggressive advertising campaign and everyone here is starting to suspect that the forum is being spammed.

I’ll take your word that you’re on the level. The subject item is a scam. We’ve explained the resons so many times we’re getting carpal tunnel syndrome, so you’ll just have to accept our word.

There is no “magic thing” that will give you fantastic mileage. All the energy available in the gas is being as effectively converted into motion as it possibly can be in an internal combustion engine based on known science. As a matter of fact, when one magazine tested the “magic” devices one of them started a fire in the engine compartment of their test vehicle! Twice!

I’ll take your word that you’re on the level.

I WON’T…He’s a spammer.