Water Car?!?

Simply put…

Any opinions/thoughts on the concept of adding these new-fangeled (did I spell that right?) hydrogen aka water attachments?

I am intriqued by the claims of improved MPG’s, quieter engine, smoother performance, etc… but was still looking for more/any info from the experts!!!

Any help here?

SCAM! That’s all it is. If it worked, every car would come with it from the factory. Don’t be taken in by this, or any other claim of miraculous improvements. There are many such scams out there, and they are all the same: WORTHLESS! Don’t waste your money.

Are you thinking about a water injector? These gadgets used to be advertised in magazines and I believe that there was a supercharged model of the Oldmobile Cutlass that was introduced around 1962 that had a water injector. This slowed the burning of the fuel and effectively raised the octane of the gasoline. This was before the days of fuel injected engines. What you see today is probably a scam.

If you’re looking at some widget that claims to turn water into fuel, etc. then it’s a scam.
Water injection has been used on some race cars and military aircraft as a short term power boost. It’s not meant to be a constant thing though; generally only when at full throttle.

I think the F4U Corsair aircraft from WWII used water injection during those brief moments when they had to go to full military power and water injection is used on Air Force heavy aircraft like the B-52 and KC-135 to aid thrust during take-off.
As to any gadget making energy out of water for your car, no.

It won’t work so that you will like it or be able to recommend it unless you are making a living by selling them.

Can you post the website address? I get a “kick” out of these scams.