Water Car - Conversion Kits

Are water car conversion kits a viable and reliable option for fuel conservation? How easy are they to install? Is there any danger of damaging the engine?

No one here is STUPID enough to waste our money on something that CAN’T POSSIBLY WORK. So we have no information on how easy it is to install. Why don’t you buy it and report back to us with that information. Then we can inform all the other idiots when they ask.

You seem intelligent, axislumen. How could you possibly hold out any hope whatsoever for these fraudulent gadgets?! Know anyone who uses one successfully?

Look up at the top of this page, in the red bar. See the word “Search”?? Click it, and enter “water fuel” in the box and click “enter” or “go”.

They’re a scam.

Today’s engines are complicated devices run by computer programs processing numerous inputs from various sensors. With all aftermarket add-ons there exists the risk of creating erroneous signals that could damage or affect the operation of the engine. I’m unaware of any specific to this device, but perhaps as time goes on incidents of long term damage will rear their ugly heads.

Rough morning Mike?

That’s a great suggestion EXCEPT, some people keep flagging these posts so they get deleted. That means there is no history of anyone previously asking the question for new posters to reference. So we keep getting the same question asked even if someone is courteous enough to do a search first.

Someone did post that they had experience with one. A perfect opportunity to ask questions, which I did. When I returned to see their answers, the post had already been deleted. I don’t know who the censors are, but they are making the problem worse, not better.