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Was my Engine recalled?

I have a 2006 Hyundai Sonata. But the engine was replaced a few years later just before the 100K miles guarantee.

There was a hyundai engine recall a few years later - how can I find out if the replaced engine was part of that recall?

Keep in mind, the 2006 sonata did not have engine recalls but later engine years did - how can I find out if my replacement engine was from the years of the recalls?

Thanks in advance! Under the safety heading or just call your local dealer.

Just copy your VIN, phone the service department of any Hyundai dealership, and ask them to check for “any active recalls” related to your VIN.

Guys, the OP is asking if he can find out if the replacement engine in his car was of the type recalled. His car was not subject to a recall.

I don’t know how to find out about the replacement engine.

Texases is pretty sharp! I was about to offer the Hyundai VIN Lookup. This is a great question. How does one know if a PART of their car may be recalled. I think the best course of action would be to e-mail the dealer and keep their reply. I’d still run my VIN into the lookup. The reason is that recalls are pretty detailed. If other engines were used as replacements, Hyundai may, in fact, have a recall notice of that specific description. I trust that more than dealers.

Would you explain why you are asking. Are you having engine trouble ? Your vehicle is 11 years old so other problems will show up so it might be doubtful if you can get another engine.

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One way to know if it’s not the recalled engine is to check if there were significant changes to the engine design. They’d only put in a replacement that exactly matched what came out. If the recalled version of the engine was different in any major way, then I’d think there’s nothing to worry about.

if the dealership put the engine in, I would think that they would have updated the vehicle info to reflect the serial number of the new engine. If so, a VIN check would work.

If someone else put the engine in, or if the dealership did not update the info, you should still be able to call them and tell them the engine serial number and they should be able to check recall status.

I’m kinda with @VOLVO_V70 though, any recall that may have been open has probably long since expired.


That’s right. You need the engine number, which is stamped into it somewhere.

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If your Sonata has a four cylinder engine it is the Theta series engine. The engines recalled in the later cars were the Theta II direct injection engines, a different series of engine.

A remanufactured engine was probably installed in your car so it would be unlikely to have the manufacturing defect found in any vehicles being recalled.

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