...and speaking of recalls

…Hyundai is now admitting to some defects in the engines of certain Sonata models:

Good for them.

Yes, it is almost always best to simply fess up when there’s problems with your company’s product. Engines are just nuts, bolt, and steel after all. Hyundai Corp has the resources and knows how to make stuff from nuts, bolts, and steel, so when a design or manufacturing problem ensues, they just need to get to the fix is all.

I Mentioned This Recall Earlier In Response To A Current Car Talk Community Discussion Involving An Oil Burning 2011 Sonata.
" SONATA GLS 2011 95,000 miles Seems to be Burning Oil "

I read the discussion and then read the recall information.

Besides engine noise, I was wondering if oil contamination of the sort referenced in the recall was responsible for compromised oil rings and oil consumption without necessarily compromising compression in earlier stages of wear.