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Warning: Uber/Lyft Insurance Coverage

My insurance coverage came today with the following:

[C]overage does not apply when…using vehicles for the purpose of providing prearranged transportation services for compensation.

The details make clear they are referring to Uber/Lyft type auto usage.

Not surprising, I guess.

Here’s Uber’s description of their drivers’ coverage:

No worries

I’m not planning on using my car(s) for that purpose

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Glad to hear that, Did our first Uber to and from a wedding last night, No taxi service in the area and a 7 mile ride was $12.39 plus optional tip. 2 minutes first pickup, 8 minutes second, but insurance was a nagging shadow in the back of my mind. Glad I can cross that worry of my list. Could not figure out how to book ahead, wifee was worried, glad it worked out fine.

I don’t think you can book Uber with a flip phone.