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Rental Car Insurance

The dealer has provided me with rental while my car is being repaired. I signed up for the damage and personal injury insurance totalling up to $12 per day. I called my insurance and they do cover rentals. Should I go back and opy out these insurance options, or stay with damage at $9 and no personal.

I talked to my agent a bit ago on the same issue and it depends on the policy of the rental company.
Lets say you had an accident, the insurance will cover damages past your deductible, so what is your deductible?
Some auto companies will bill you for rental time lost while the car is being repaired, this cost would not be picked up by my insurance.
Some companies wholesale damaged vehicles and charge you the difference between the value of the car and the wholesale price they get while my insurance would only kick in the actual estimated damage cost and people have been responsible for thousands in some cases.
Clear as mud eh!

How did you secure the rental car: credit card, or direct bill to insurance company? If credit card, check with your credit card issuer. Many Gold and Platinum cards have rental car coverage. In general, I decline all coverages due to the credit card I use to secure the rental contract. Some of the Personal Asset theft protection, etc, may be covered under your homeowner’s policy, depending on your deductible.

Still clear as mud for most of us. I prefer to assume some risk, and have been fortunate to have never been in an at fault accident with a rental car. Personal due diligence, I guess.