Insurance wasn't what you thought it would be?

Hi everyone,

Is there anybody here who’s had a car insurance policy and found out it wasn’t nearly as comprehensive as you expected when you filed a claim? Did anybody try to buy a cheaper policy online and run into problems? And, is there anyone on here who found out that their insurance was substantially slimmed down during a renewal process but they didn’t realize it?

I’m a journalist working on a piece for a national business magazine, and if you fit into one of these categories, I’d love to interview you for a big piece I’m doing on auto insurance. If anyone is interested, you can contact me at If you don’t want to be interviewed I’d love to just hear your thoughts in this forum.

Thanks so much, and I appreciate any help you guys can offer!

My auto insurance has been great for about 40 years, all with the same company. I’m happy for me, but sorry that I can’t help you.

I read my renewal statement very carefully every year. I have never had coverage reduced without my knowledge. On the contrary, I’ve had to ask to have coverage reduced as vehicles age. I’ve been dealing with the same insurance company for many years. I guess I’m not the person you are looking for. I haven’t submitted an insurance claim in more than 25 years,but your post makes me wonder what would happen if I needed to.

My insurer bombards me with notices if there are to be any changes to my coverage or premiums. Usually it is due exclusively to changes in state law. Frankly, I get TMI - too much information. Sorry, I’m not the guy you’re looking for. But you can always make something up like all freelancers do.

Sounds like the movie Sicko, but for cars. There are some insurance companies that won’t pay a certain percentage of claims, no matter how legitimate they were. It’s customer roulette. Companies do have strange ways of raising their quotes. A credit evaluation company listed four reasons why I had a higher rate. That should have nothing to do with how you drive. If you have low credit limits on your credit cards because you don’t need high limits, it should work in your favor, not against you. I bought a policy that saved me $800 which is about over half of the $1500 that I was paying before. I got it through AARP.

People who file CLAIMS against their policies tend to have a lot of problems with their insurance companies. None of them like paying claims. Generally, it’s 3 strikes and you are out…On the other hand, if you never file any claims, they treat you just fine.

One of the worst abuses is to offer lowball teaser rates to get you to switch companies. Then after 6 months or a year, they jack up your rates hoping you will tolerate it. I’ve been with GEICO for a number of years and their online system works smoothly. It’s very easy to add or subtract a vehicle with little hassle…

You want insurance horror stories? Talk to people who live in Massachusetts…Decent companies don’t do business there…

In over 45 years of driving, I have yet to have any problem at all with any insurance company, mine or the other guys.  At renewal if there are any changes, they have been clearly stated.

I’ve had a couple problems with AllState and Travelers…But that was years ago…

Rear-Ended by a guy who had AllState…Car was totaled. Offered me less then half what the car was worth…That was tough for a poor college student…I had to file a complaint with the NYS Insurance Bureau before Allstate would even listen to me…They met my price BUT IT TOOK 3 MONTHS.

Travelers - Was in my brothers car and was in a accident while he was driving. The DRUNK who ran the red light had travelers. I was slightly injured. Ambulance trip and emergency room care was covered. But I then submitted a claim for bandages (had to be cleaned and changed 2-3 times a day). They REFUSED. After a month of treating the wound, the total of bandages and ointment came to over $100. I filed at small claims court…Travelers shows up with a TEAM of lawyers…I’m just there by myself. Luckily the Judge was NOT impressed with the Lawyers. After our statements the Judge asked me if I had filed for Pain and Suffering…I said no because it was just a minor cut and just needed a few stitches…Judge then told Travelers that they were default and awarded me $2000. Took travelers 2 months to cut the check though.