Rental car caution

Usually I use AX credit card for car rental that picks up the daage collision waiver. My MIL icked up the rental car for us on a recent trip, so I called my agent to see if I should buy the $13 a day insurance. We have 1k deductible so in most cases any daage after 1k would be picked up by the insurance. She asked what rental car company we were using as some will wholesale the car and charge you the difference of replacement value.

Possible scenario, $1200 dollar ding, insurance pays 200, you may get stuck with the wholesale price they get vs value that can be many thousands of dollars. FYI

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Don’t forget the “lost revenue” charges rental companies can hit you for. They can charge you for the days the car was out of service times the average revenue per day. In addition to your credit card coverage, check with your own car insurance company. Many cover rental cars as well.

Surprise, surprise!


I’m Not Sure Where The Problem Is, Here. Is It The Rental Company? Is It The Insurance Company? We’ve Rented A Lot Of Cars.

Our insurance company ($100 deductible collision if more then 50 % at fault, waived if not, zero deductible comprehenive, boo koo liability) covers our rentals up two 2 weeks without our needing additional insurance, unless we were to go to Mexico or far into Canada. I don’t bother with charge card coverage.

We leave our cars at home when taking quick week-end trips or for a driving vacation. My wife just rented a car last Friday, put 900 miles on it, and gave it back Monday. The total unlimited miles rental charge was $69.

It’s not worth taking one’s car far from home at those prices, especially in the kind of weather we’re getting now. There were crashes galore around here yesterday morning when a surprise frost froze on the roads overnight.


It is a rental car company issue, check with your insurance agent as I did for a recommendation or information.

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Thanks, I Was Already Aware Of The Word’s Definition, Origin, and Alternates.

Each state is different on what your car insurance may cover when it comes to rental car liability coverage.

Here is what Mastercard coverage says (more extensive an explanation than American Express):
MasterRental Insurance pays for covered damages to the rental vehicle when the eligible MasterCard card is used to initiate and pay for the entire rental transaction.

The MasterCard cardholder and those designated in the auto rental contract as authorized drivers are covered. The cardholder must rent the car in his or her own name and decline the collision/loss damage waiver offered by the car rental company.

Covered damages provided for include:

?Physical damage and theft of the vehicle up to its market value, not to exceed the limits described in the complete MasterRental terms and conditions.
?Reasonable and customary charges imposed by the rental car company for the period of time the car is being repaired (?Loss of Use? charges) that are substantiated by a Fleet Utilization log.
?Reasonable and customary towing charges to the nearest qualified repair facility imposed by the rental agency on a covered loss.
Certain terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions apply. Please see the MasterRental terms and conditions for complete program details.

Loss of car use by the rental car company is covered under the “reasonable costs…” clause. I also think that totalling or wholesaling the car instead of repair would be covered under this clause and could also be subject to negotiation amongst the insurance companies involved.

I have never had to claim personally, but at work, I have helped some of our employees file claims with Citibank Visa, and all the costs negotiated between Visa and the rental car company were fully adjudicated without our additional involvement, so the coverage seems to work well.