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Warning Lights

I have a 2005 Toyota RAV 4. Recently, while driving, the warning lights "VSC TRAC’, “TRAC OFF” and “Check Engine” all came on and stayed on. I took it to a dealer where they performed a diagnostic test. The conclusion presented to me was that the gas cap was not fitting tightly. They polished up the end of the filler tube and, the lights are out. So, can anyone enlighten me: how can a gas cap that may not be sealing properly effect the stability/traction control systems?

It sure can!

The Vehicle Stability Control/Traction Control systems involve the engine Engine Management system. If there’s a problem in the Engine Management system (a loose/leaking gas cap) the VSC TRAC/TRAC OFF light turns on because it won’t function if there’s a problem in the engine management system. And then the Check Engine light comes on.

Isn’t funny what a loose/leaking gas cap can do?


Mileage will tell. Sorry. I cannot think why all these lights would go off at once for this issue. They reset the codes to turn off the lights so if they did not tell you what codes were there then you can’t tell whether they just turned off the lights and sent you off or whether they fixed the problem. There is no easy way given the info here for me to tell you anything. If you have the computer codes post them. Mileage would be a good thing to add to a post. Peace.

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