Want rent the car

Hi! Can someone give me advise ? Where can I rent a Lexus ES250 for a while?

It would help if we knew where you were. As it is, do a web search for “car rental near” with your city, ZIP code, etc. From there, contact the rental company and ask if they have what you want available.

Very rare vehicle, I have only seen one. I am not aware of a major rental car company that has a supply of Lexus vehicles.

You might find a small independent luxury car rental that has a Lexus but not an ES250.

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From a Lexus dealer that has a rental department.

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When I saw this post yesterday, I thought you were talking about the classic Lexus model, based on the 1987-91 Camry, which was sold from 1989 to 1991. Now, I am amazed to see that the ES250 name has been resurrected for a new hybrid model.

It’s not the hybrid, it’s the base model with the 2.5L 4. Oddly, it only comes with AWD. The hybrid is the ES300h.

I imagine the only place the OP might be able to rent one is a Lexus dealer, if they even have one to rent.

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Arizona Rent a Car in Dubai has at least one.


Shipping extra?

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That is a misprint, they don’t have car that new. The car in the picture is a 2015 IS250.

Unless there’s one on Turo in your area you may have trouble renting one, Dealer group that owns 2 Lexus dealers near me has around 40 Es Sedan’s between the 350 and Hybrid but only 3 of the ES250. A

friend in California has a ES350 F sport that he’s very happy with, actually had to buy 2 of the exact same spec because the first one was totalled in a rear end collision 6mo after buying it.