What car should I get

Hey guys
Looking for new vehicle. Wanting an SUV. Want something I can buy used and it won’t have many issues. I’m considering the following Mercedes e320 Cdi diesel SUV Audi Q7 diesel BMW diesel Escalade hybrid and Lexus 450h and Acura MDx basically a big SUV with good mpg that I can buy with 100k and drive it another 100 with out many issue. thoguhts? Recommendations?

All of those are what I’d call “Luxury” SUVs. With matching luxury prices, both in the purchase price and maintenance.

And do you need a used diesel powered SUV? Again, higher maintenance costs.

Yes I like them because they are luxury. I just want something reliable that gets decent mileage. I have owned vw and it sucked but I didn’t know if Audi was built in Germany with higher quality. I do all my own maintenance including rebuilding transmissions hahaha I just don’t like to be truning a wrench every weekend repalicng failing parts. I know Lexus is highly reliable it’s just not as pretty as the Mercedes or Audi. I would like a third row but that’s not a delay killer.

SUV - decent miles to gallon - used with 100,000 miles and expecting 100,000 more - diesel - European Luxury with high service costs - Someone may be a Glutton for punishment :thinking: .

I think leasing a new one for 3 years and get this out of your system.

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Hahaha so true. I’ve been a mechianc professionally but am not anymore . I am leaning towards the Lexus but it’s just not as pretty as the Mercedes or the Q7. I’ve read ok some of the forums they aren’t so bad but it seems when you buy it it’s always a different story.

Please do not take this personally, but as a professional mechanic you should know that not all cars the same.
One Mercedes/Audi/BMW/Lexus/Acura may be an outstanding vehicle and the identical one next to it might be flirting with the car crusher.

You’re talking about used for the next 100k miles. A lot depends upon that first 100k that was accrued. One Benz may have been maintained to the hilt and another Benz neglected to oblivion.

Note I left Escalade off the list. It’s personal; I loathe any late model Cadillac.

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That’s true. Funny thing is how late model Cadillac are we talking? I’m talking 2010-2015 ish it seems like on car complaint .com they don’t have to many issues. I’m thinking the Lexus is the way for me but I just like the look of the caddy and the Mercedes More the q 7 is ok . I’m just trying to see if there’s a gem in there other than the Lexus really hahahahha. I own a ford expedition with 280k not a single issue with it other than stupid cam phaser and chain . Runs super good .

Loaded question for me as I hate them all from the mid 70s up; after the demise of the 500 cubic inch FWD El Dorados. Just my personal opinion which is at odds with many based on the number of Escalades running around here. And the closest Cadillac dealer is 70 miles away…

Point being with a used car is that there is simply no way of knowing what may occur 10k or 40k miles down the road no matter how careful a pre-inspection purchase is.

I’ve done countless inspections for dealers and individuals and they were thorough. However, in one case things went bad. Very bad. Someone brought a 10 year old Ford in (low miles) for an inspection. It was showroom clean and I could not find one single thing wrong with it other than maybe needing an accessory belt. They bought the car and I installed a new belt.

Fast forward about 8 months and the guy went out one morning to go to work and noticed smoke from under the hood. He raised the hood and flames really took off. By the time the fire department got there it was barbecued for good. The theory from the fire dept. (and I agree) is that a fuel line gave up and gushed gas over the secondary ignition. That started the bonfire…
Thankfully the guy did not fault me for it and I don’t think it was negligence on my part. If it had happened a few days or weeks later it probably would be my fault.

Now just pile all the Caddys over there and get a jug of gas… :slight_smile:

The ExtraCar!

The Audi could be OK but as with any other the others it all comes down to how well it’s been serviced. I’m not as familiar with the modern TDI’s but I’d talk to the local German specialist shop before even considering. My brother’s the german car fan and has a shop where he lives that he won’t buy a car that they don’t work on. Found them when he had his beater '86 Jetta and now they service 3 of his cars.

I am going to recommend a used Dodge Caravan. While not technically an SUV, it will do just about everything that an SUV can do (except go off-road) and it can do it for a fraction of the cost.

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