Luxury"ish" Car

LOL. So my lease will be up in a year. I’d really like to BUY a car. Willing to spend around$15-20K. I would like to buy something maybe 5-8 yrs old. I like a bit of a luxury car. Something like a caddy, lincoln, lexus etc.
I’ve never had one and would like to “treat” myself. Is there a particular manufacturer/model that is more reliable than others in the “luxury” line and not a fortune to fix? Thanks

People ask this same type of question almost every week here. Find what you like and pay a shop to inspect it to see if there are any problems .

Also look at many of the used vehicle web sites and to may find that your budget price is too low.

There are many new vehicles that may not have that high priced luxury name plate that are really just as nice.

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Seriously??? Not what I was asking. Why even respond? I’m sure some make/models are more reliable than others.


Lexus is generally more reliable than Caddy or Lincoln.


Thank you…appreciate helpful feedback

You’re welcome.

This is the internet. Get over it.

You want to get a used vehicle. Manufacturer/model X Y or Z can matter. But if you’re buying used the “manufacturer/model” tends to matter less than how well it’s been maintained and what its current condition is.

Besides that "I want a [mysterious USED] “luxury car” and “what is the best” is an unanswerable question.

It’s the internet. Don’t get testy if you ask a hopelessly ambiguous question and get answers that you don’t like.

Don’t like the answer (including this one)? Ignore it and move on. No need to take attitude. I mean:


Are you looking for a bigger car or something more compact??
What type of driving do you like, hitting the corners a little to fast and taking off from a redlight making sure you beat all the other cars, or you just putt putt around barely going the speed limit??

No one can pick a car for you, that is a choice you will have to make on your own, but Toyota/Lexus generally has a pretty good track record, but you will pay for that quality also…

But as old_mopar_guy said, Lexus is probably your best bet and they have a little of something for most luxury car buyers…

As mentioned above though, it is defiantly better to have it checked out by a mechanic/shop of your choice, not the sellers/dealers… And a Car Fax report is only as good as the paper it is on, still some good info on it, but the bad stuff might not be on it…

Good luck and happy shopping…


Bought out our lease for a great price, If you like the car it might be worth consideration.


Thanks appreciate it

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You get over it …enjoy

Consider a high level trim on the base brand in a car family. You can save a little money that way. A Honda EX-L or higher trim on an Accord for instance, or a Camry XLE or higher. If you want a full size car a Toyota Avalon is a good choice. It starts at the XLE level and has several higher levels.


Here is another reply that you will not like . Repair costs on Luxury vehicles always cost a fortune. If you don’t want repair bills buy new with warranty .


What are you leasing now?
Will you use use new car alone? Kids? Dog?
You want sedan? Coupe?

Im sure they a re expensive to fix…thst is a bummer thanks

I’d suggest you head to one or more of the big used car dealers, like CarMax. I’ll speak about CarMax because I’ve purchased 2 cars from them. The salesmen are not commission so no pressure. They have a lot of different products on the lots so you can look, sit in and even test drive whatever suits your fancy. What you perceive as “luxury-ish” may differ from ours so getting a look and feel for various brands will help you decide what is right for you.

Stay away from Euro brands like Mercedes, Land Rover, Audi, Volvo or BMW. And NOthing Italian. Some can be VERY unreliable and all are expen$ive to repair outside warranty (and 5-8 years IS outside!). (I own a 10 year old Audi A4 but I do most of my own work…) Don’t be seduced by very low prices on them, they can seriously hurt your bank account.

I’d lean toward Lexus (Toyota) or Acura (Honda) or Infinity (Nissan) and Mazda as well as domestic brands like Buick or Lincoln. At least service costs won’t break you. Do an internet search on the car you would like to see if they have any nagging problems and how the car was rated back when new.


Honda CRV im leasing now

Mustangman thank you for that helpful advice

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A Lexus ES or RX, Toyota Camry/Highlander under the skin.

Like they say, pick two, you can’t have three. Acura probably wouldn’t be luxury enough but few problems and cost effective dealers. Lexus may be more luxurious but dealer service may be higher from the comments here. Lincoln, caddy, euro models? Dependability and repair costs will be an issue. Want dependable, economy, and luxury? Pick two.