2010 Lexus HS 250h - Suggestions for replacement

I LOVE this car and am looking to buy a new (used) hybrid. Since Lexus doesn’t make this one anymore, are there any recommendations? I’d be more than willing to look at an all electric vehicle too.

When you ask a question like this on a Forum all you will get are biased opinions , guesses and brands that might not be mentioned . There are lots of really good vehicles by brands that I would not even want in my driveway.
I myself would never buy a used Hybrid . Why not look online at as many vehicle sites you can find . You might even find a new one in your price range with full warranty and better loan rates then used.

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Thanks for this.

If you want to stick with Lexus, the ES300h might be worth a look. For my part, I would have no qualms about buying a used hybrid. Find a car you like and have it inspected by a mechanic you trust, just like any other car. Make sure you get something new enough that it has some factory warranty left, especially on the powertrain. Current Lexus vehicles have a 6 year/72k powertrain warranty and an 8 year/100k warranty on the hybrid system. If you buy something, say, 3 years old with 50k, you still have 3 years/22k and 5 years/50k. And a 3 year old Lexus is nothing to be ashamed of in any case. Expect to pay in the $30k’s and up. Do you have a budget in mind?

Thanks for your reply, I appreciate the thought you put into it.


I’d check out the Kia Niro and Tesla Model 3. Both are priced in the same range that the HS occupied during its short run. If you adjust for inflation a bit. Over at Toyota, the Prius Prime Plug-in Hybrid is worth a look. As you know, the HS 250 was about 95% Prius.

Very seldom does anyone tell what they bought after asking this type of question here . Or as in one case of a long thread of suggestions the person did return and say they bought the fully electric BMW which no one suggested .

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Thanks so much for your thoughtful reply.


Thanks for your thoughtful reply.


If you enjoy the HS250h you will appreciate any other Lexus hybrid much more.

The ES300h is more comfortable and more efficient than the HS250h. The NX300h has qualities greater then the HS.

The HS250h has a different powertrain, a Corolla body and different suspension.
The fuel economy is mediocre for a hybrid, 35 MPG.

The HS250h has had a list of recalls, one is replacing the transmission due to a defect.