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Wacky Windshield Wipers

I have a 2000 Buick Century. The wiper controls are all goofy. The delay seldom ever works, just goes into slow steady speed most of the time. And they go through several more cycles when wipers are shut off. No doubt some entire multifunction module will have to be replaced. Might someone tell me where the module is found and about what kind of major expense it will be to replace it even if I can do it myself?

Does your Century have automatic wipers that come on when they detect water on the windshield? Some will go to HIGH if they detect rain, even when they are set on intermittent.

I believe it would either be a problem with the switch or the module. The module should be the actual cover on the motor itself. Two parts-the motor and the module/cover. I would suspect it would be the motor cover. I’d try to get the whole motor assembly from a junk yard. There is a diagnostic procedure but you would need the wiring diagram etc. to determine which. Might try messing around with the switch first to see if you can get it to make any difference.

You probably need a new wiper motor pulse board. Watch this.


I don’t think I have automatic wipers. Have had car over year and a half and wipers have never came on by themselves. I have jogged the switch around and can’t see any difference in behavior. Thanks for your replies. I want to look for a junkyard motor now.

Tester, thanks for the video link. Amazing how the computer age helps us to learn, and see what the repair books can only show in still pictures and text.

I wouldn’t go to a junkyard. I did this on my sonoma and cavlier and only did the pulse board. They cost about $28 and about 10 minutes to change.

That’s encouraging, kriley, thanks!

Yeah if they’re that cheap new, go for it.