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VX Bug 64 Baja wont shift

ok heres my question, i have a 1964 Volkwagen bug, it is stuck in first gear, u press the clutch in to start it(of course) once u release the clutch u start movin, now heres the problem, the shift pattern isnt there you can essentially do squares with the shifter, so there not like the standard H pattern (i can start in the far left corner go all the way rightdown and back up w/o any problem its smooth essentially) Any body know what the problem may be? Of course I do activate the clutch when i attempt to shift

Broken or out of adjustment shift rod, shift lever collar, stop plate or shift lever ball socket, simply put your gear stick isn’t correctly connected to the gearbox change shaft.

You’ll need to get under there to determine which part is loose or broken (or missing). All parts are available to fix the problem though.

First time I saw this failure and repair it was a “what the heck” moment. The shift rod is supported at the front by a hannger with a plastic bushing in it. This hanger can wear so much the rod falls out of the hanger. Here’s the fix.

You must cut the tunnel open on the passenger side (inside the car). A 4X5 rectangle aligned with the shifter will do nicely. I always used an air chisel. Cut only three sides and bend down the piece. Now you can drill out the spot welds and put in a new hanger.

It gets better than this with VW’s and their clutch cable operation. The tube the clutch cable runs through can break away from its mount (at about the same place you would access for the hanger repair). You must re braze the cable back to it’s mount as if the tube is left loose the cable wont pull on the operating shaft (in the transmission housing) enough. The neat thing about this repair is the brazing is done right next to the steel fuel line. Ain’t VW’s grand? this is the type of repair that leaves a FORD mechanic scratching his head over.

I would check the connection at the shift rod/transaxle nose first. Maybe someone upstairs will be looking out for you and this won’t turn into a tunnel digging exercise.

Im with you!