Transmission? Clutch? Synchronizers?

My 67 OLD Beetle just started grinding as I’m putting it into gear. The clutch seems exactly the same as yesterday, but when I try to slide the gearshift into gear it grinds. The only time on my careful way home that it didn’t grind was when I pushed the clutch in and waited a long time before I put the shifter into gear. This car worked great yesterday. Does anyone know what happened???

I don’t even want to think that the clutch is original. If that is so,that car has been setting around for a long time without being used.

I can’t remember if that Bug had a cable clutch, hydraulic. If it is cable it could be that cable stretched out, or the hydraulics going bad.

Left you in the same place but you have something more to look at.

I had a '66 and a '69. The clutch was cable in both. Check to see if the cable needs adjusting. There is a big wingnut on the end of the cable on the driver’s side of the engine near the transmission. Check for freeplay, and adjust to about 1/2" of freeplay by adjusting the wingnut.

If freeplay is OK, check the gear lube.

When the clutch cable starts to break, one or two strands will break and the cable stretches. So readjust the clutch so you have the correct amount of travel until the pedal becomes stiff (approximately 1 inch). If you want to be proactive, replace the cable now rather than have it break completely. Driving without a clutch can be done but it is hard on the starter and transmission.

You don’t mention how many miles are on this transmission. The VW bug transmissions will go a lot of miles without problems if they are treated right and the clutch is kept adjusted. Ergo, the problem is probably not the transmission.

Hope the problem is the clutch cable.