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2004 Saturn Vue Clutch

I have a manual transmission and am having difficulties with my stick shifter. I had my car in neutral with my foot on the brake, and when I tried to shift into first gear I was unable to get it into gear. I wasn’t able to get it in any other gear as well. Once the car was turned off though, I had no problems getting into gear. But when I turned the car on again, I wouldn’t allow me to get anywhere but neutral. After about 10 minutes being off and not moving, the car shifted like normal again and I was able to drive it without a problem. I am completely baffled by this, any ideas on what’s happening, or how to fix this?


I think you have a problem with your clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder. Have you checked the fluid in the clutch master cylinder? If you have to replace the clutch master cylinder make sure to replace the slave cylinder as well. A good independent mechanic should have you going in no time.