Shifter H position off loose

I’m driving a 2012 civic coupe. the other day I was out cruising around and a little sprinted driving here and there. at a stop sign I put the car in the first and accelerated to a decent speed I went to throw it back into second the shifter felt like it traveled the distance to second but it didn’t go in, the RPMs revved up. I thought Maybe I had missed shifted I went ahead and moved it up to third as my momentum allowed and third was there but the H position was further back I came to a stop and played around with it first third and five where all their they’re just further back, second and four were barely there also further back. I put the car in first gear and applied pressure to the shifter and against a light resistance as if I was turning a wrench the shifter moved back into its original position. if I baby it it works fine but something seems to be loose, is there something I could adjust tighten replace or locktight or do need a mechanic for this one.

Sounds like a broken bushing in the shift linkage.

Stop by the dealer parts window and get an exploded view drawing of the shifter linkage and of the gates assembly under the console. Take a look and see if you think you’re up to opening the console up and doing the work. If you’ve got the aptitude and the tools, give it a shot. This is not the type of repair that’ll make the car salvage if you find yourself in over your head. This is that type of repair that if you get in over your head you can have towed to any shop and they can fix it for you. Shops often get a car towed in that the owner tried to repair and couldn’t. Happens all the time.

Be sure you have a ride available before you start in case you need to run to the shop for a part.

Here’s the linkage for a 2007 Civic: