VW Locks

I have a VW Golf 2000 1.8T. When I open and close the hatch using the remote, the hatch doesn’t lock for about 2 minutes. It used to lock immediately. The alarm isn’t set until the hatch locks even if the doors are locked. There is no way to manually lock the hatch. The VW dealer says this is normal. Is it?

The latch mechanism MAY be binding. You’ll have to remove a panel to have a look.

Before I took the car in, the VW dealer suggested that I spray WD-40 into the lock mechanism. It didn’t work.

Don’t use WD40, that stuff (temporary fix) just attracts dirt and makes things worse. Use a dry graphite compound.

You are still going to have to get inside the panel to find the problem. When you do, use a meter and ensure a full 12V is reaching the lock actuator.

If it is, the actuator MAY need replacement. Check for a clean and tight ground connection too.

I vote bad actuator.

Hey - if it’s electric and it’s on a VW it’s going to malfunction eventually. My advice is to take 20% of every paycheck and methodically update your VW with genuine VW parts which aren’t in stock. Then wait two months for the dealer to call you while you drive around with an alarm that goes off intermitently or maybe a cd player that won’t play. If that doesn’t drive you nuts, you win!