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2001 Dodge Caravan seems to be haunted!

The back hatch lock on my 2001 Dodge Caravan keeps mysteriously unlocking itself when the vehicle is left in the garage for a day. This drains the battery and then the van will not start. Is there a fuse I can remove or do I have to replace the lock. Thanks.

You either have a short in the lock actuator or wiring therefore, or a short in a relay or relay box. If it’s only the hatch and nothing else, it’s probably the lock actuator or wiring. If the actuator is constantly energized when it does this, that is what is killing the battery. Pulling the power lock relay or circuit breaker (or fuse, but power locks usually use a circuit breaker) will keep this from happening, but you will no longer have power locks.

Thanks Mark.

If this ONLY happens when it is parked for some time in the garage (as opposed to, say, when you’re out & about at the grocery store or something) then I would look for mice or something. I’m not disagreeing with mark’s guess either - but it would just be odd if it ONLY happened in the garage. Park it elsewhere for a day & see if the same thing happens.

Thanks again. Mark was right. It was the panel that feeds the actuator located in the back hatch door. It was rusted out so they had to order the part and replaced it. Thank heavens the actuator itself was okay. The Chrysler dealer said mostly it is a problem with this panel and not the actuator itself. I always park the car in the garage so it is just a co-incidence that it was always in the garage when the back hatch mysteriously unlocked itself.

Chyatt, its great to hear that this was figured out. And thank you for reporting back with the solution.