2004 GOLF GLS - Screwy Hatch lock

Two days ago, while driving to work, noticed the open door icon came on. Pulled over opened and closed all the doors and the icon stayed lit. I haven’t touched the hatch for over a week but went ahead and opened and closed the hatch and the indicator light went out. All’s good for 2 blocks when the light turns on again. On the way home the light would come on for a while, off for awhile, totally random amount of time at each. I could hear the lock solenoid or motor in the hatch lock cycling as this all played out. Yesterday took a can of WD-40 and sprayed all around the lock mechanism, into the keyhole and cycled the lock several times with the physical key and buttons and sprayed into the latch handle hinges. Apparently, whichever gremlin I hosed down with WD-40 was really, really pissed. Got half way to work, 10 minutes, light stays off, then it starts it’s on off thing the rest of the way. I locked the car with the fob and there was a couple second delay before the brief honk confirms it’s locked. About an hour later the car alarm comes on. Open and shut with the fob and after a few seconds alarm comes on again. Left the car unlocked. On the way home open door light flickers very fast, on off on off. Today light came on flickering, then on constantly. Park the car alarm stays off. Start the car icon stays off but now my hatch lock doesn’t lock at all. I lock the car with the fob and pull on the handle of the hatch and it opens. Also no more lock actuator noise.