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VW Jetta with fast clicking from the turn signal stalk

This is in reply to a question I just heard on the radio show from Stash (sp?) I believe. He has a jetta and the there is a fast clicking coming from the turn signal after it is used and returns to the “neutral” position.

I have a GTI of similar vintage and replacing the blinker did not work. What does work is even cheaper! Get some CRC electronics cleaner from the local auto store and spray out inside of the turn signal switch. What happens is, over the years the lube inside of the switch wears away, allowing the contacts to wear against each other, creating little metal debris that ends up completing the circuit. The CRC cleaner dissolves all of the gunk and gives the necessary clearance inside the switch to allow it to function properly. You might have to apply this fix once a year or so, but it’s cheap and it works!

Hope you find this answer Stash!


Hi Stash,

Like Chris, I experienced the identical problem and the contact cleaner works great. It has been a year since I had to spray the contact cleaner and the problem has not returned.
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