VW Jetta windows operation failure

All of the sudden my VW Jetta (94) V^ windows stopped operating. I don’t see a fuse for windows. What might the problem be?

Well there is a fuse somewhere, but I fear my 2002 NB may not have the same fuse locations as your car.

That said, my guess is the fuse is OK and the problem is the wire going from the door jam to the door.

By chance did you try both the remote switch on the driver's door (does it have one?) and the switch on that door.

Hi, thanks for answering!
all window operation stopped at once; the only thing that will open or close windows is the key. Odd that manual doesn’t give fuse for windows; but what other things should I check? Am going to mechanic in the morning.

There was a recall for this . The problem was a plastic part in the mechanism broke . Part used to be metal . Its actually a common failure !

Yes, I recall that this was a VERY common problem with Jettas of that era, and that VW did make good on this problem. Hopefully your dealership can locate the TSB/recall information.

Thanks! I have replaced the regulators on this Jetta; is this the part that was recalled? I’m way out of warranty, bought used, etc. The current problems seems to be electrical.

Try fuse# 14, it’s says back up lights but I believe it also powers the windows.

Good luck