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My VW Bug is posessed

OK I have a 2002 VW Bug TDI and yesterday I got into the car and the windows, sunroof, and mirrors did not work all are power. Now for the fun part. When I leaned over and tried the window button on the passenger side the doors locked. So on the drivers side the window buttons do nothing and the lock button work just fine. On the passenger side the the lock button does nothing but the window button locks and unlocks the car. As best as I can remember the windows worked normally on Monday. I have not looked at the fuse box but would that cause the window button to work the locks?

I’d say this one is one of the rumored and dreaded VW electrical gremlins…

I agree.
Perhaps the Body Control Module has gone haywire.

IMHO the place to start with this is the wiring harness where it passes between the unibody and the driver’s door. This harness flexes every time you open and close the door, and in many cases either erodes where it passes through the body passages (the holes in the sheetmetal) and forms erroneous ground paths or the insulation cracks and forms internal shorts. The driver’s door controls are the first in the circuits, the passengers door being secondary parallel paths, which is why I’d start with the driver’s side.

To troubleshoot this you’re going to need a multimeter with pin probes, wire strippers, splices, wire insulation, wire wrap, and Sam Adams. You’ll need to pull the inner door panel off, cut the wire wrap on the harness, and start troubleshooting. If you can read schematics you might be able to start with the likely wires, if not you can do continuity, “shorts”, and ground checks while flexing the harness.

Or, you can take it to a shop that speciallizes in automotive electrical systems.

Sincere best.